Career in social work has its own level of learning pattern, code of ethics, practice standards, credentials, state licensing and accredited education program. Therefore, these programs let a professional social worker to combine all this with his personal knowledge with desire to help others. A social worker can work in wide areas and field of working like as public agencies, private businesses, hospitals, clinics, schools, nursing homes, private practices, police departments, courts and many other such places of greater importance and value.

Social workers can work in different capacity like being as individuals, families and communities on designations like managers, supervisors and administrators.  And they even can work at each and every level of government being therapist and researchers. As for earning potential of BSW (Bachelor of Social Works) they can expect salary ranging and starting from $30,000 as on the basis of experience, work and many other geographic factors. A social worker with an MSW degree can have annual income amounting around $40,000. For a private practitioners and senior administrators you can earn as much as $100,000 per year.  A general idea about the salary of social work in the United States is as following Child welfare social worker: $32,500, Community practitioner: $32,500, Court social worker: $32,500, HMO social worker: $37,500, School social worker: $37,500, Member, private practice: $47,500, Solo private practitioner: $52,500

Where as according to another research entry level salary is $32,500, middle level salary is $47,500 and top level salary is $52,500 in social work. However, salary determination is quite different from the stat from organizations to organizations. For private profit organizations the average payout salary go as as much as upto the level of USD $56,700 per annum. The salary of social workers in non profit organization goes to USD 41.300 per annum.

However, merely having masters in education you can not receive this amount of salary, what you need to do is to compete with your educational and licensing requirements. The degree one having in social work from college and university should have accreditation from Council on Social Work Education.  Degree programs include classroom study as well as practical field experience. A DSW or PhD happens to very useful in doing research and teaching at the university level.

Moreover in the United States, it is expected by states that a social worker should be licensed, certified or registered according to the prescribed norms. Licensing is one issue, where as for becoming a social worker a person should also have aptitude for the profession.  They must have strong desire to help others and improve people live, to heal fragile relationships, family problems, diseases and substance abuse. More a social worker can help by providing solutions to the problem of inadequate employment, housing and disability, etc. For becoming a social worker a person should be emotionally mature, objective, sensitive, and responsible and willing to work freely.

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